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UR Quickstart

We assume you have already installed Apache PredictionIO 0.11.0, by following one the the guides.

Check that pio is running

pio status

If all is well proceed with the Universal Recommender


The Universal Recommender has an integration test written in Python. If you want to run the test make sure you have it installed

python --version

You should have 2.7.9+ ( do not use Python 3+ since is not source compatible with scripts written in Python 2). Check to see that pip is installed

pip --version

If you don't have it see these installation instructions. Once pip is available install the python packages needed for the integration test

sudo pip install predictionio datetime

Build The Universal Recommender

git clone ~/ur
cd ~/ur
git checkout master # or whatever tagged release you want, read below

It's recommended that you run the UR integration test


If no "diff" is printed the test passes.

The integration test will launch a The UR query server (PredictionServer) and take it down afterwards. To try some sample queries, launch it again:

pio deploy
# switch to a new terminal and
cd ~/universal

On the pio deploy terminal you will see the internal Elasticsearch queries, in the UR query terminal you will see the recommendations results.

Take a look at examples/ and pull out an individual query like:

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '
    "user": "u1"
}' http://localhost:8000/queries.json

There are many examples of queries in the examples directory so use them to see how to form the JSON and query parameters. You can also query using one of the PredictionIO SDKs for several different languages, go to Apache PIO click "Integrating with your App" and "List of SDKs".