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Universal Recommender

The Universal Recommender (UR) uses almost anything known about the user to make recommendations better. It takes in user actions, context, or profile data, and recommends the kind of behavior you ask it to. This is arguably the only publicly documented recommender to do this.

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Make use of any part of user's clickstream or even profile and context information in making recommendations.

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Use all your data

The Universal Recommender can take in user actions, profile data, contextual information, virtually a user's entire clickstream, add that to content properties to gain deep understanding of user preferences, others cannot.

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The Universal Recommender has extremely flexible but simple queries for most any situation. It is also open source built so you can choose the hosting environment that works for you—start simple or customize any way that suits you.

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Own your data and model

Your data is your competitive advantage. With The Universal Recommender, you keep it private. Some SaaS vendors see this differently—not us. SaaS providers also charge for their operations—something you may not need.

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No lock-in

It’s open source and no vendor lock-in. You can customize it to fit your needs at anytime.

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