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We are core contributors to several popular Machine Learning projects. Our team has experience with production level big data projects.
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We have a wide range of experience in applied Machine Learning and can help you jump-start your project with consulting, engineering, devops, training, and support.

Our Data Scientists specialize in a wide range of domains and have over 30 years combined experience not only in the science but in building real applications. We help you through critical points in decision making through the application lifecycle such as data choice, algorithm choice and design, data pipeline design, efficient model building, and performance tuning. We can even help setup a best practice operational system.

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Proof of Concept

Get started quickly and expand as your business grows. We can set up an instance of PredictionIO with your choice of algorithm engine and cloud provider—get off the ground with the minimum effort. Get a demo of A/B test running quickly.

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Train your team with the leading experts in the Machine Learning field. We’re core contributors to some of the biggest projects in ML, and will ensure your team learns everything they need to know to master it on their own.

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Develop, deploy, and manage your Machine Learning projects the right way from day one. We’ve seen the potential pitfalls in countless projects, and can prevent costly headaches that waist your team's time and money.

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From free community support to top tier paid support. Everything we build we support. You can pick a plan that meets your needs—we can be only an instant message or email away.