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Welcome to ActionML

We help people build Machine learning into their Apps by creating implementations and providing help with customizing, installation, and operations. Try out our projects and if you need help contact us us or ask for free community support

ActionML Harness Server

We have created a next-generation Machine Learning / AI Server called Harness. We use it to deliver specialized plugin "Engines" for a variety of Algorithms like the Universal Recommender.


Some work we have done is fairly widely applicable and available as Open Source Harness "Engines":

Some work is more custom and specific to a particular applications like:

DevOps and Operations

We can setup clusters where big data is required, operate them through proof of concept and beyond, or hand them off to your in-house operations group. We have a suite of automation tools based on Kubernetes and Docker to deploy and manage container based software and can customize these for your operational needs.

Machine Learning Libraries

We also construct custom solutions as PIO templates or streaming online learners, when asked. We draw from broad knowledge of many existing libraries that have pre-implemented algorithms, ready for deployment and tuning.