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Installing Apache PredictionIO-0.12.1

Note: ActionML no longer supports PredictionIO. We have moved all work to the Harness ML Server including the Universal Recommender.

To install or upgrade Apache PredictionIO-0.12.1 using The Universal Recommender v0.9.0 as an example Template.


Do not install as the "root" user. All guides assume that you have a user account that has sudo permission. You will have trouble if you install as "root". If your machine is clean do the following:

Create User

  1. Create user for PredictionIO like aml on your machine (already done on AWS AMI so if you are using the AMI skip to Upgrade)

    adduser aml # Give it some password

    Give the aml user sudoers permissions and login to the new user. This setup assumes the aml user as the owner of all services including Spark and HDFS (already done on AWS AMI). Do not install or run as root!

  2. Add this line to the file /etc/sudoers.d/sudo-group

    # Members of the sudo group may gain root privileges
    # with no password

    Then save and add `aml user to sudoers

  3. Add user to the aml group

    sudo usermod -a -G sudo aml
    sudo su - aml


If you already have some older version of PIO and wish to upgrade to the latest stable version.

  1. Move old PIO

    mv /path/to/pio pio-old

    move the directory containing the old version of PredictionIO, keep it for the configuration.

  2. Download The Apache Release of PredictionIO

    PredictionIO moved to Apache in 2016. ActionML was happy to contribute all the enhancements we made to Apache so we are all on the same codebase now.

    git clone /path/to/pio 

    clone to some directory, the easiest to put the new pio where you had the old one.

  3. Checkout the Master branch (latest stable version) or use the tag for the desired release version.

    git checkout master
  4. Build PredictionIO

    Apache PredictionIO-0.12.1 is a source release so you need to build it. This is pretty easy:

    cd /path/to/pio
  5. Configure

    If you have installed a recent version of PIO in the past, copy the configuration for it.

    cp old-pio/conf /path/to/pio/`

    If you are setting up a new installation use one of the setup guides here.

To test your installation run pio status to make sure pio is working. Also check to make sure HDFS and and Spark are running correctly since pio status does not check the running status of those services.

Fresh Install

For a completely fresh new install follow one of the options on the Apache PredictionIO site or use one of our setup guides:

Choose the guide that best fits your needs.