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Welcome to ActionML

We help people build Machine learning into their Apps. We create, the systems, algorithms, and infrastructure to make machine intelligence practical. We help customize or invent what is needed then we maintain open source implementations of it all. Try it and if you need help contact us us or ask for community support


Some work we have done is fairly widely applicable and available as Templates:

Some work is more custom and specific to a particular application like:


We help maintain Apache PredictionIO. We use it to customize solutions and deliver scalable reliable systems. We often deliver our algorithms as PredictionIO Templates.

Operations and DevOps

We can setup clusters where big data is used, operate them through proof of concept and beyond, or hand them off to your in-house operations group. We have a suite of automation tools to bring up VMs install software via containers, and can customize these for your operational needs.

Machine Learning Libraries

We also construct custom solutions as PIO templates or streaming online learners, when asked. We draw from broad knowledge of many existing libraries that have pre-implemented algorithms, ready for deployment and tuning.